About Us

About SpareWo.

SpareWo is a fully registered company limited with a purpose of improving and making easier the Spare Part market. Through our easy to use website www.sparewo.ug  and strong partnerships with hundreds of Reputable merchants here in Uganda and Internationally we are determined to create a one stop online shop on which the public can purchase all their spare part and car accessory needs.

We are a group of youthful individuals that all have vast experience in the sale of spare parts. Raised on KIseeka in the trade of spare parts and later learning the routes of importing and retailing we got to understand the complexities and difficulties the spare part market and we decided to join under SpareWo to revolutionize the Spare Part market to make it easier and more Conveniently accessible to every individual, ensure Genuinity of purchases, and make sure Spare Parts are affordable

Our pillars of operation and our promise to the public are Convenient | Genuine | Affordable  with a slogan All Your Spare Part Needs A Click Away.

Our Story.

In 2016 our Founder Edrine Ssempebwa faced car repetitive insures with his first car, and started out by trusting the mechanic to do all the purchases of the parts but because of his experience later found out that he was paying almost double for the prices but because he had his experience from Kiseeka he decided to start making the purchases himself then it hit him, “Only reason i can survive being banged on the head by the makanika is because in know the trade, but who is watching out for the other guy that doesnt know anything about spare parts.” This is what led to him doing research on how other more modern IT based countries are doing it. From that slowly the team was formed and was growing despite the lack of funds.

We started to construct the website while doing research on what will work well for the ugandan market, the price drivers in the market, and how to guarantee Genuine parts, our business model and website kept on evolving and growing to accommodate all the new feedback we were getting from the public to what we currently have.

The biggest hustle was creating a competent and knowledgeable team and the intense capital required to positively impact the minds of the public and broadly reach as many people as possible and also grow the culture of “Automobile love” and online shopping for cars.

But over time our story has been told through interviews like My Hustle by Airtel And Television Interviews like Money and Markets on NTV have put us in the limelight and helped people believe in the possibility.

My Hustle by Airtel

Money and Markets on NTV

Our strongest suit right now is our personalised customer care, having a small team comes with its advantages of with individually follow up on each of our clients and make sure they are pleased with our service, and because we are trying to build a reputation it is the core of our operations, as we use various process monitoring tools to ensure our clients get the best, and hope to grow with these values embedded in our systems.

Our Team is now ready to serve you; No more do you have to hustle looking for Spare Parts, No more should you be “kufellad” with Counterfeit Spare Parts, No more should they tell you that your Spare Parts are not available, and no more should you have to pay double the price for your Spare Parts, because SpareWo is here and All Your Spare Part Needs Are A Click Away.